Services Offered by G & L Transcription of NJ

G & L Transcripts of NJ offers a high quality and professional service to our customers across the NJ/NY courts system and beyond.
  • Certified Court Transcripts

    Superior Courts of New Jersey
    Municipal Courts of New Jersey
    New York State Courts

  • Municipal Government Transcripts

    Planning Board Meetings
    Zoning Board of Adjustment Meetings
    Council Meetings
    Rent Control Board Meetings
    Board of Election Meetings
    Housing Authority Meetings

  • Law Enforcement Transcripts

    Recorded witness statements
    Recorded confessions
    Recorded Juvenile victim interviews
    DWI videos
    911 Calls
    Police Radio Communications
    Custodial Interrogations

  • Seminars

    Large Conferences or Trade Shows
    Small Educational seminars

  • Panel Discussions & Focus Groups

    Group of people fielding questions either from a moderator or audience

  • Press Conferences

    Transcriptions of all press conferences/announcements for public relations firms

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